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What Gauge Chain Link Fence Do You Need?

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Chain link fencing comes in various strengths and sizes. The gauge you choose will determine how durable and effective your fence is against intruders, the elements and general wear and tear. Here’s what you need to know about gauge to help you choose the right chain link fence for your property.

Understanding Wire Gauge Sizes

Wire gauge is the number that correlates to the diameter of the wire used by the manufacturer. The lower the gauge number, the thicker the wire. When selecting your chain link fence mesh, you need to know that 6-gauge mesh is heavier and stronger, while higher-numbered gauges are more lightweight. A fence of 11-gauge or higher is best used in applications where it won’t have to hold up for a long time or be exposed to extreme weather or high-impact activity.

Gauge Sizes for Commercial Fencing

Typical commercial chain link options include 6-gauge, 9-gauge, 11-gauge and 11.5-gauge. The 9-gauge wire is the most common and is suitable for most commercial properties requiring protection from theft and vandalism. Additionally, a thinner 11- or 11.5-gauge wire is best for temporary fencing because it’s lighter and easier to move and set up.

For applications such as playgrounds and sports fields, thicker 6-gauge wire is best to withstand the impacts of flying baseballs and basketballs. A 6-gauge wire is also recommended for properties requiring high security.

Gauge Sizes for Residential Fencing

Residential properties typically require chain link fences with thinner wire than commercial properties. However, no residential fence should go lighter than 11.5-gauge wire, and 9- or 11-gauge are typical.

Mesh Size

Wire gauge is just one factor determining the strength of chain link fencing. Mesh size — the size of the diamond-shaped holes — determines the fence’s strength and the quantity of mesh wire required. A chain link fence with a smaller mesh size uses more wire and is sturdier than a fence with a larger mesh size.

At Duraguard Fence Ltd., we offer standard 9- and 11-gauge chain link fencing with two-inch mesh for DIY fencing. The wire can be galvanized steel or vinyl-coated in a choice of colours. We also offer more specialized chain link options, as well as easy-to-assemble DIY chain link fence kits. For commercial and industrial projects requiring a lower wire gauge, we can custom manufacture chain link fences according to your requirements.

Chain Link Fence Installation and Repair in Edmonton

At Duraguard Fence Ltd., we manufacture, supply and install chain link fence systems for commercial and residential customers in Alberta. Contact us today in Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Bonnyville and Fort McMurray, and we’ll help you choose the best mesh gauge for your fencing project.


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