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What makes this slide operator so reliable for commercial and industrial applications is its features that are infused with modern technology. It comes with a pre-motion warning alarm that activates 3 seconds prior to gate motion. It has an external alarm reset button that instantly resets the built-in safety siren. Apart from this, the slide operator also has the capability to limit run time to 120 seconds protecting against any damage. Some other excellent features include monitored safety inputs, mechanical limit system, LED diagnostic display, programmable auxiliary relays, and inherent reversing sensor. Whether it is a manufacturing plant, truck depot or sports field, SL 595 is perfect to meet your security needs. Get in touch with the team at Duraguard Fence for supply, installation or repair of this product. You can even call us to request more information on one or more of our products. 

SL 595 Product Specifications

Rated for Gates Up to 

Monitored Retro-Reflective Photo Eye & Safety Edge Included

Heater Included in Price

Mounting Posts Not Included

Description | Model | Weight

1 HP 115/230/208 V, 1 Phase | SL595101U | 270

1 HP 208/230/460 V, 3 Phase | SL595103U | 270

sliding gate

Why Choose SL 595 Slide Gate Operators?

Thanks to its various modern features and specifications, SL 595 gate operators are of great use. Here are the reasons why you should choose SL 595 slide gate operators for your commercial, industrial, or residential needs.


  • Commercial gear-driven transmission provides unsurpassed reliability.

  • Heavy-duty steel lockable nema 3R enclosure: oil-tight, weatherproof cabinet that withstands extreme and harsh environments.

  • Surge suppression provides industrial surge and lightning protection against strikes up to 50 feet away.

  • Warranty of 2 years.


  • myQ ® Technology enables you to securely control and monitor your gate operator from anywhere.

  • Simplified mounting and wiring routing for easier installations.


Safe and Secure

  • Security+ 2.0 ® safeguards access with an encrypted tri-band signal to virtually eliminate interference and offer extended range.

  • Manual disconnect when unlocked allows the gate to be operated manually.

  • Quick close and anti-tailgate quickly secure property, preventing unauthorized access.

  • Lockout/tagout feature prevents power from being switched on when servicing operators and safeguards workers from high-voltage power.

  • Mechanical braking system: this solenoid-actuated brake system adds substantial gate position control at all points in travel and prevents the gate from being back driven.

Want to know more about this product and its specification? Check out this pdf and learn all the technical details. Click here.

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