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Duraguard Fence Ltd. meets the fencing needs of the agricultural sector in Alberta. Do you want fencing services to keep predators away from your crops and livestock and avoid trespassers on your farmland or residential property? Contact our agricultural fencing contractors for a fencing investment. Whether you require our fencing contractors to supply and install new and durable fencing on your farm or remove and dispose of current fences for a new project, we can deal with everything from start to finish. Please feel free to contact us to request our fencing services or discuss your project to find the right fences for your agricultural application.

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Select the Ideal Option for Your Farmland

Our company is pleased to provide our customers with fences that are customized for agricultural applications:

Wildlife fences


Dog kennels

Snow fences

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Agricultural Fencing Projects Done Right

At Duraguard Fence Ltd., we understand that fencing is a valuable investment for your farmland. This is why we work in simple steps for your agricultural fencing project. First, we will ask you to give us the square footage of the area you want to be fenced. We will then help you discern the amount of product you will need for your land and give you a quote for the fencing materials. If you’re not sure of what type of fencing you’re looking for, we can even help you choose the right material for your site from chain link to vinyl. Lastly, we will prepare the products to be supplied to you or help you set up your fence.

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Farm Fencing Estimate

Need to protect allotments from burrowing rabbits? Book us for the right agricultural fencing solutions.

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