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indsutrial chain link fence gate


Tough, durable fencing is crucial to protect the buildings, equipment and personnel on an industrial property, as well as optimize the efficiency of daily operations. That’s why Duraguard Fence Ltd. offers custom fencing solutions and services for industrial yards and facilities in Edmonton, Bonnyville, Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie and elsewhere in Alberta.


Whether you want to partition a specific building or secure your entire industrial property against theft and vandalism, turn to Duraguard Fence Ltd. for steel chain link fences, automatic gates and other quality fencing products.


Contact us today to discuss your industrial property’s fencing needs with an experienced professional and to request a quote!

industrial chain link fence with barbed wire

Ensure Extra Security for Your Industrial Property

Many times, there is costly equipment and supply in your facility that must be protected with the help of fences and gates. Our industrial fencing solutions in Alberta enable you to indicate safety zones, secure restricted access sections, and partition off various functional spaces. Talk to our fencing contractors for an accurate quote.

Source The Right Fence For Your Industrial Property

Chain links fences made of galvanized steel are a top choice for most of our industrial customers because of their durability and affordability. Choose from our existing models or request a custom design to suit your property’s specific needs. Our chain link fences range from six to 14 feet tall, with a gauge of six to 11 and the option to add razor ribbon or barbed wire for optimal security. Some of our products even come with a 10-year warranty.

industrial chain link fence

Secure Your Facilities with Expert Installation

Many industrial facilities require fencing solutions that go beyond simply delineating the boundaries of the property. For example, it’s common for industrial complexes to house expensive equipment and materials that need to be stored in an area with restricted access. Steel chain link fencing can also be used to mark off safety zones, direct vehicle traffic and partition buildings to create functional workspaces.


For these and other fencing solutions, it’s best to hire an experienced professional to take care of the installation. Duraguard Fence Ltd. provides reliable installation services to ensure the job gets done right and meets all your security needs.

Maintain Your Investment with Reliable Repair Services


Duraguard Fence Ltd can provide ongoing care for your fence. In addition to removing dirt and debris, our maintenance crew will inspect the entire fence for signs of damage, rust and sagging. You can count on us to make any necessary repairs to ensure the continued security of your industrial property.


Pair Your Industrial Fences With An Automatic Gate

A fence is only as secure as its access points, which is why Duraguard Fence Ltd. supplies, installs and repairs a variety of automatic gate systems for industrial properties in Alberta. A sturdy gate equipped with an automatic slide or swing operator allows you to control access to your industrial property and ensure personnel can circulate safely and efficiently throughout the facility.


Schedule a Consultation in Alberta Today

With more than 30 years of experience, Duraguard Fence Ltd. is a trusted source for top-quality industrial fencing installation, maintenance and repair services. We also supply fencing products for agriculturalcommercialconstructionmunicipal and residential properties.


Contact us today to request an estimate or book an appointment to discuss your property’s fencing needs. Based in Edmonton, we’re proud to serve clients in Bonnyville, Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie and other communities throughout Alberta.

chain link fence for industrial property
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