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municipal chain link fencing


Certain rules control the height of your fence and the location on your property where you can construct your fence. Your residential, commercial or industrial property may be subject to architectural requirements by subdivision developers. When planning to build a fence on private property, the Utility Right of Way (also known as Registered Utility Easements and/or UR/W) needs to be kept in mind.

black chain link fence in park

Planning Approval for Fencing

A building permit is needed in case any of the following conditions apply to the fence you are constructing:

Taller than 2m (6’-6”) in the backyard

Taller than 1.2m (4’-0”) in the front yard

Taller than 0.75m (2’-6”) inside a corner visibility triangle

The gate is higher than 2.5m (8’-2”)

In a lot of situations, a fence doesn't require a building permit or building safety approval. In case your location or design does not fulfill land use bylaw specifications, only then will you need planning approval and development permits.

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Planning Permission Queries

Do you have any more questions regarding your fencing project and planning permission?

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