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Industrial buildings need optimal fencing to ensure the protection and productivity of both staff and operations. At Duraguard Fence Ltd., we provide tailored solutions suitable for your industrial yards and facilities. Our industrial fencing services and products have satisfied our customers in Bonnyville, Edmonton, Fort Mcmurray, Grande Prairie and Southern Alberta. You can choose from our existing durable fences or request them to be customized according to your requirements. Whether you want to partition off a specific area of your facility or protect your property from vandalism, Duraguard Fence Ltd. can provide and install a chain link fence or customized gate for you.

Chain Link Products

Ensure Extra Security for Your Industrial Property

Many times, there is costly equipment and supply in your facility that must be protected with the help of fences and gates. Our industrial fencing solutions in Alberta enable you to indicate safety zones, secure restricted access sections, and partition off various functional spaces. Talk to our fencing contractors for an accurate quote.

Pick the Right Industrial Fencing Solutions for Your Investment

Chain link fencing is a top choice for most of our industrial customers. This may be because of the durability, flexibility and visibility of this type of fence. From indoor fences and gates to water heater fences and outdoor industrial gates, our chain link industrial fencing lasts for years with limited maintenance. Ask us for a tailored industrial fencing solution.

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