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4 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Fence

installing a brand new wood fence replacement in Edmonton

If your fence is damaged, you may not know whether you should repair or replace it.

Sometimes investing in repairs is the right choice, but it’s important to know when a full replacement may be more cost-effective. Here are four clear signs that you need a new fence. 1. Your wood fence is riddled with holes It’s not a problem for a wood fence to have a few holes here and there. Usually, if they’re confined to one or two boards, your fence can be saved by changing the damaged slats for new ones. However, if your entire wood fence has many holes, or if some parts are covered in small pits, you likely have a more serious problem. In this case, it’s probably time to get a new fence. 2. Your wood fence is discoloured If large areas of your fence have changed colour, it’s an indication that you should inspect it for serious damage. Oftentimes, wood that dramatically changes colours has become weak, rotten or infested with pests. Wood fences need a fair amount of maintenance to be kept in pristine shape, and it’s common for structural weaknesses to hide under a discoloured surface. 3. Your iron fence is rusted Rust spots are common on iron fences, but they can usually be repaired by a professional. However, rust that’s not removed can spread and eat away at the metal until the structural integrity of the fence is compromised. In this type of case, there’s little choice but to replace the entire fence. To spot rust issues early, inspect the joints of the fence and the closing mechanism on the gate. 4. Your fence is leaning Whatever material it’s made of, if your fence is leaning, then it’s probably too late for repairs. A leaning fence is often caused by a problem with the posts, and while repairing it may be possible, the extent of the work required means you might be better off with a whole new fence.

Fence Repair and Replacement and Replacement in Alberta

The best way to determine if your fence should be repaired or replaced repaired is to get help from a fencing professional. Fortunately, Duraguard Fence Ltd. can help you settle on the best course of action. We offer commercial and residential fencing services in Edmonton, Bonnyville, Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie and surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule a service call or to learn more about a free quote!


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