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5 Things You Need To Do To Tear Down An Old Fence

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Do you need to install new fencing in Edmonton, Bonnyville or Grand Prairie? If so, you may want to save on costs by tearing down your old fence yourself. It’ll take some muscle power and sweat, but following these simple tips will ensure everything goes smoothly.

1. Make sure the fence is yours

Don’t assume the fence surrounding your property is yours, especially if you’re unfamiliar with your home’s history. It may be on your neighbour’s property, and they can sue you if you tear it down.

Many times, fences are owned equally by a homeowner and their neighbour. Contact your municipal records office to review your property file or get a surveyor to visit your home and mark the boundary lines.

It’s always a good idea to talk to your neighbours before tearing down your fence. If you need their permission, it’s best to get it in writing so there’s no room for confusion later.

2. Call before you work

Call your local utility companies and find out where your gas, electricity and water lines are buried. Damaging a gas or power line could be dangerous. You could disrupt utility service to the entire neighbourhood and get a hefty fine. Most utility companies will visit your home and mark the location of the lines for free.

3. Work safely and slowly

Wear gloves, work pants and protective footwear and eyewear. Injury from rusty nails and screws, splinters and falling posts is a real possibility, so work slowly and carefully to avoid a trip to the emergency room.

4. Remove the concrete anchors

The most difficult part of tearing down an old fence is removing the concrete anchors that the posts are in. First, you’ll need to use a chainsaw or hand saw to cut the post at the base (if they’re in good condition you may want to use them for your new fence). Then, use a sledgehammer and break up the concrete block in the ground and remove the pieces with a shovel.

5. Recycle the wood

Contact your municipal waste department or private waste collection company for a pickup. If don’t want to pay for the service, advertise on social media or buy-and-sell websites that you have free wood for pickup. Someone may want it. You can also recycle the material and use it for other projects.

Residential Fencing Contractors In Edmonton

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