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Benefits of Installing a Dog Run in Your Backyard

dog inside chain link dog run fence

Owning a dog takes a lot of work and comes with many responsibilities. One is to ensure your pet gets enough exercise to stay healthy and happy. An excellent way to let your dog roam safely is to install a portable dog run in your backyard. Here are some benefits of installing a chain link dog fence for you, your property and your pet.

Allow Your Dog to Exercise

Dogs need to exercise every day, and it’s often challenging to find the time to take them to the park or out for a stroll. Moreover, some dogs can’t interact with other dogs or are too old to go for long walks. A dog run allows your pet to run and play without a leash. It’ll also help it release energy and alleviate boredom, making your dog less inclined to rip up your furniture when you’re not home.

Protect Your Property

A dog run will keep your pooch out of your flower beds and prevent them from scratching your doors. It’ll also keep your dog from urinating on your lawn, causing brown patches.

Keep Dogs and People Safe

If you have a dog that doesn’t like strangers, installing a dog run is an excellent way to keep it in an enclosed space when friends visit, or a repairman needs access to your home.

Furthermore, if you’re introducing a new puppy into the home and you already have dogs, you can use a dog run to keep your pets safely separated until they get used to each other.

Dog Run Kits at Duraguard Fence Ltd.

Duraguard Fence Ltd. offers DIY chain link dog fence kits for pet owners. Two people can set up a kit in 20 minutes. Here’s an overview of standard dimensions.

  • Height: five feet or six feet

  • Width: four feet, six feet, eight feet, 10 feet or 12 feet

  • Length: eight feet, 10 feet, 14 feet, 16 feet or 20 feet

The dog runs are portable, so you can relocate them around your yard or take them with you if you move. Talk to one of our fencing experts to help you customize a DIY dog run that’s perfect for your yard and the size of your dog.

Portable Dog Run and Fence Installation in Edmonton

At Duraguard Fence Ltd., we manufacture, install, and repair custom portable dog runs. We also provide chain link fencing for commercial and residential customers in the Edmonton area. Contact us today to learn about fencing products and get a free quote.


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