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Can You Add a Gate to an Existing Fence?

custom ornamental iron fence

Have you recently built a fence in your backyard but didn’t anticipate needing a gate? Do you already have a side gate but want to install another? The good news is that you can easily retrofit your existing fence with a gate. Here’s what you need to know.

3 Options for Adding a Gate to Fence

Here are the three most common options for adding a gate to your existing fence.

  1. Between two existing posts Placing a gate between two existing support posts is the simplest solution because you don’t have to do much disassembling and reassembling. However, support posts aren’t typically spaced to fit a standard-sized gate. Therefore, if you go with this option, you’ll likely need a custom-sized gate to fit the space.

  2. Next to an existing post Another option is to install a gate along your existing fence by reusing one of the support posts. With this option, you only have to add one additional support. Moreover, you can often install a standard-sized gate because you can decide where the new post is placed. Most standard backyard gates are about four feet wide.

  3. In the middle of an existing fence line This is the most complicated installation option because it requires the installation of two new support posts. However, when you convert a portion of your fence into a gate, you have the freedom to place your gate wherever you like along your fence line. You can also make the gate as big or as small as you want. You can even opt for a double gate if you like.

Whether you have a chain link, wood, vinyl or ornamental iron fence, Duraguard Fence Ltd. can help you create a custom gate to suit your property’s exact proportions. We don’t want our customers to be stuck with ill-fitting stock-sized gates. Our team will work with you to create the entrance of your dreams. You can also choose an automatic swing or slide gate to control driveway access, deter intruders and contain pets and children.

Custom Residential and Commercial Gates in Edmonton

If you’re thinking about adding a gate to your existing fence, the professionals at Duraguard Fence Ltd. can help. Simply tell us what you’re looking for, and one of our staff will visit your home or propertyto assess your needs and provide an accurate quote. We serve homeowners in Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Bonnyville, Fort McMurray and the surrounding communities. Contact us today for more information or to arrange a free consultation


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