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Chain Link Fence or Vinyl Fence? Which One Should You Choose?

black chain link fence next to vinyl fence in backyard

Whether you want to have a safer area for your kids to play, or prevent your pets from escaping, fencing your back or front yards is a common solution among Alberta homeowners who are looking for privacy and safety.

At Duraguard Fence Ltd, we know that a fence isn’t just a means to an end; it’s also a big part of your home’s aesthetics and security, and choosing the right option is paramount. As a local business, our focus has always been to provide bespoke services to help homeowners in Edmonton, Bonnyville, Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie, and throughout Southern Alberta to get the right fencing solutions for their needs.


So, what kind of fence should you choose? What are the options and what are their advantages and downsides? In this blog, we will help you choose between chain link fences and vinyl fences, going through the pros and cons of each option, and ensuring that you can make the best possible informed choice for you and your family.

Chain Link Fences: Solid and Easy on the Wallet

From public tennis courts to private yards around the world, chain link is the quintessential fence. Durable and versatile, but sometimes mistaken as being a bit of a plain option, they are the unsung heroes of the fence world and might just be the perfect option for you.




  • Wallet-friendly You might think that chain link fences are a bit boring, but their minimalist look can work to your advantage. While simple in look, chain link fence’s “no frills” approach means they’re often cheaper than vinyl fences and can be more than enough if you are simply looking for something that will help you keep your adventurous kids and mischievous pets in your backyard.  

  • Durable for All Conditions Worried about how long your investment is going to last? Fear not! Usually made from steel wires, chain link fences are great at handling rough weather like strong winds and storms. Duraguard Fence Ltd’s fences are usually protected by a layer of galvanized coating, which also allows them to resist rust.  

  • Low Maintenance If you are not the kind of person who is keen on fussing over every spec of dust or stain over your fence, chain link fences might be the way to go. Due to the endurant materials used to fabricate these fences, not a lot of maintenance is required to keep them looking great. A quick check now and then is all they need, and, in most cases, they can be cleaned with a quick splash of water from the hose while you enjoy your flowerbeds or your garden.




  • Privacy Due to their open design, chain link fences are not the best option for keeping curious eyes off your property. If you’re looking for something that can shield your yard from nosy neighbours on top of fencing off part of your land, these fences might not be the best choice as passers-by can easily see through them.  

  • Security Chain link fences are durable, it’s true, but their distinct hollow diamond patterns also make them easier to climb. Picking a chain link fence that is the right height for your needs can help circumvent this downside, but if security is the main reason why you are installing a fence, you might want to consider vinyl instead.  

  • Simple Style Most people would agree that chain link fences are not necessarily the best-looking part of their yards.  While the colour is customizable to a degree, these fences have one main design that doesn’t do all architectural styles justice.


At Duraguard Fence Ltd, we offer full chain link fence solutions for homeowners. Whether you’re looking for our team to handle your project from A to Z or want to try your hand at a DIY chain link fence project, we can guide you through the installation of a brand-new fence to keep your family safe!


Vinyl Fences: Stylish and Safe


Thinking about something that is not just a fence but also a style statement? Vinyl fences have a more modern look, offering an elegant and clean fence that is going to stand out among the other houses in your neighbourhood.




  • Tough as They Come Made of PVC, vinyl fences are strong and flexible, which allows them to face all the different weather conditions in Southern Alberta with aplomb. Being able to last up to 20 years, these fences also don’t require any considerable maintenance or cleaning regimen, which makes them a great option if you are looking for a strong and reliable product.

  • Privacy Pro Relax at home and share your best summer nights outdoors away from wandering eyes with these privacy pros. Made with solid panels instead of an open design, vinyl fences can prevent other people from seeing what is happening in your yard.

  • Beautiful and Customizable The versatility of vinyl fences is very hard to beat. With vinyl fences you have the possibility of choosing a variety of different colours or mimicking other materials like wood, making it easier for your fence to match your house’s established aesthetic without the downsides of other materials such as bug infestations, rot, and rust.


Vinyl fences are also not the hardest fences to install. If you’re a handy homeowner and feel comfortable navigating the legalities associated with acquiring permits, picking the right size for your fence, getting the components and installing it, Duraguard Fence Ltd has DIY vinyl fence kits to make your project as easy as can be. Need a professional hand? We can also help Southern Alberta homeowners with our turnkey fencing solutions!



  • A Bit Pricier Let’s talk money. With the advantages of being long-lasting and highly customizable, vinyl fences can be a bit on the expensive side when compared to other options. If you are tightening the belt and are happy to have a more basic option, it might be more suitable to get a chain link fence instead.

  • Not a Fan of Strong Winds It is true that vinyl fences are strong and durable, they don’t have as many breezy gaps as chain link fences do. From a weather resistance point of view, this can be a problem if your home is exposed to strong winds.


What Is the Best Option for You?

Picking between chain link and vinyl fences is a personal choice and comes down to what matters to you the most: budget, aesthetics, privacy, security, and maintenance.

If you’re ready to increase the privacy and security of your home, Duraguard Fence Ltd is here for you. Serving Edmonton, Bonnyville, Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie, and Southern Alberta, we’ve got your fencing needs covered whether you need a DIY kit or prefer to have your new fence fabricated and installed by our experienced team.

Get the personal touch of a passionate team of professionals who care about the end result and don’t hesitate to give us a call. We will be happy to help you find a solution that works best for you and your family.




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