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Choosing Between a Chain Link and an Ornamental Iron Fence for Your Business

A fence is the best way to protect your commercial property from theft and vandalism. Selecting the most suitable material and type of fence can be a challenge, but two popular types are chain link and decorative iron fencing. When choosing between chain link fencing and ornamental iron commercial fencing, you should consider security, cost, maintenance, location and looks. Here are some of the pros and cons of each.


Your fence’s primary function is security, and both chain link and ornamental iron fencing can effectively keep out intruders thanks to their durability. However, chain link mesh is easier to climb than an iron fence with no footholds. Nevertheless, you can easily customize chain link fencing with features such as barbed wire to maximize security.

Cost and maintenance

Chain link fencing is the most cost-effective fencing you can buy. The material is less expensive than ornamental iron fencing and cheaper to install, plus it requires little to no maintenance. A galvanized chain link fence can last up to 20 years.

Iron is one of the most expensive fencing materials on the market, but it lasts longer than chain link. In fact, a well-maintained iron fence can last hundreds of years. Iron requires more care than chain link because the metal is much more prone to corrosion. Paint chips and scratches on your iron fence can quickly lead to rust.


Chain link fencing best suits flat properties with little to no grade. If you have steep hills and inclines on your property, you’ll find that an ornamental iron fence adapts better to the topography because of its vertical rails. Conversely, chain link can be tricky to install on a slope, requiring skilled cutting that professional fence installers can handle.


Ornamental iron fencing has a classic design and higher esthetic value than chain link fencing. If curb appeal is essential to your business, you can better impress customers with a beautiful ornamental iron fence. Iron fences can have decorative finials and other appealing hardware that further enhance the fence’s beauty.

Although chain link fencing is plainer to look at than ornamental iron fencing, you can choose vinyl-coated chain link in various colours to complement your property. Moreover, you can add privacy slats to your chain link fence in multiple colours and designs.

Chain Link Fence and Ornamental Iron Fence Installation in Edmonton

At Duraguard Fence Ltd., we manufacture, supply, install and repair fencing for commercial, industrial and municipal properties. For your property’s unique needs, we can provide custom fencing. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.


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