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DIY Chain Link Fence Upgrades You Can Make Yourself

black chain link fence

An economical and functional chain link fence doesn’t have to look cold and uninviting. In fact, with just a few personal touches, you can turn your practical perimeter into an amazing feature.


Choices for Upgrading Your Chain Link Fence

Whether you are installing a new chain link fence or seeking to spruce up an existing one, there are plenty of options available for you at your local fence supplier. These options include products such as privacy slats, mesh, and gates, and more crafty touches such as adding gardening elements to the fence. 


Privacy Slats

An excellent addition to any chain link fence is privacy slats. These PVC slats can be weaved through your fence to create privacy and add colour. With this DIY chain link fence upgrade, you can co monochromatic, create a colourful pattern or design, or even try to weave a message for passersby. Privacy slats are generally made to fit standard 2-inch diamond fences with 9-gauge wire. They range in colour from white to black, grey to brown, red to green, and from royal blue to light blue.


Another DIY chain link fence upgrade you can choose is to change the mesh. This will add colour to your fence without blocking the view. Vinyl-coated chain link mesh is available in white, green, brown, and black. Depending on the colour you choose, the mesh will either blend in with your yard or offer a dramatic contrast. A coloured mesh upgrade can be done on existing chain link fences if the pipes are still in good condition.


Tubing and Fittings

When you are DIY-ing a chain link fence, you can do anything! You can even change the tubing and fittings to either match or contrast your mesh. Posts, top rails, and other accessories such as dome caps and tension/brace bands come in a variety of colours.



You can break up the monotony of your chain link fence by adding a gate that contains any of the upgrades mentioned above or one that introduces a new style or material.

Green DIY Chain Link Fences

To craft a personalized chain link fence upgrade, think like a gardener and plant climbing flora near your fence. Train the vines of roses, ivy, or clematis to grow up the fence. If vegetables are more your thing, you can do the same thing with peas, pole beans, or cucumbers. You could also plant raspberry canes or a hedge along the fence to add depth and life to your metal fence.



Finally, lights can also be strung along or through your chain link fence for backyard light or colour any time of the year.  

Upgrade Your Chain Link Fence in Alberta

At Duraguard Fence Ltd., we provide complete fence solutions from manufacturing, to supply and installation in Edmonton and throughout Alberta. Our team is always ready to assist you with all your fencing needs, including DIY chain link fence upgrades. Browse our website or contact us for products that will help take your chain link fence from functional to sensational.


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