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The Main Parts and Hardware for Building a Chain Link Fence

Installing your chain link fence can be a rewarding and cost-effective DIY project. To ensure success, you must understand the various chain link fence parts and hardware you’ll need. Here’s a guide to the essential components to build a sturdy, reliable chain link fence.

  1. Terminal posts. At the corners and ends of your chain link fence, you'll need terminal posts, which include end posts, corner posts and gate posts. These heavy-duty posts provide stability and support to the entire fence structure.

  2. Line posts. Line posts are spaced evenly between the terminal posts, offering additional support to the chain link fabric. These posts contribute to the overall strength and integrity of the fence, ensuring it can withstand external forces.

  3. Top rail. The top rail is a horizontal bar that runs along the top of the fence, connecting to the line posts. It supports the chain link fabric and adds rigidity.

  4. Mesh or chain link fabric. The mesh, or chain link fabric, is the central component of the fence that creates the barrier. Available in various heights and colours, this interwoven metal fabric gives the chain link fence its distinctive look.

  5. Tension bands. Tension bands are crucial for securing the chain link fabric to the terminal posts. These bands are looped around the posts and tightened to maintain tension in the fence, preventing sagging or damage.

  6. Tension bars. Tension bars run through the end, corner and gate posts, ensuring a stable, uniform tension across the entire chain link fabric. They play a vital role in keeping the fence taut.

  7. Brace bands. Brace bands secure the line posts to the top rail, enhancing the fence's stability. These bands are fastened tightly, preventing any lateral movement of the line posts.

  8. Gate hardware. If your chain link fence includes gates, you must consider gate hinges, latches and locks. These components are essential for ensuring your fence gates' functionality, security and ease of use.

  9. Ties or wire. Ties, often made of wire or other durable materials, secure the chain link fabric to the framework. These ties are threaded through the fabric mesh and around the framework components, creating a firm connection.

Chain link Fence Parts Supply in Edmonton

At Duraguard Fence Ltd., we provide complete chain link fence manufacturing, supply and installation solutions. We sell all chain link fence parts and hardware, including DIY chain link fence kits. Our teams are eager to serve you from locations in Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Bonnyville and Fort McMurray. To learn more and get an estimate, contact us today.


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