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How Estate Gates Can Improve the Value of Your Property

double swing decorative iron estate gates

Driveway gates are an essential element of home security. But did you know that installing a driveway gate can increase your property’s resale value? Estate gates have numerous benefits that can add to the value of your home. Here’s why:

  • Estate gates look good. A driveway gate at your primary vehicle entranceway substantially increases your property’s curb appeal. An automatic gate made of ornamental iron, for example, will make your property look luxurious and elegant. An entrance is the first thing potential buyers will see, so an estate gate will create a positive first impression.

  • Estate gates improve security. Home security is a crucial element for home buyers, and having a safe and secure property is something buyers will pay extra for. An automatic gate with access control systems prevents vandals and other criminals from entering your property. A gate also prevents children and pets from leaving the property and wandering onto the busy street.

  • Estate gates increase privacy. If you live in a busy area, a driveway gate with access control keeps your property private and prevents trespassers and salespeople from bothering you. A gate also prevents nosy neighbours from peering into your property and you won’t have to look at traffic passing by all day.

  • Estate gates save homeowners money. Insurance companies often offer discounts on home insurance premiums for homeowners who invest in a security gate.

If you’re looking to upgrade the safety of your property, installing a driveway gate can reap a significant return on investment.

How to Preserve Your Gate’s Value

Installing a driveway gate doesn’t guarantee your property value will go up. If your gate is poorly installed with substandard materials, your gate could be more of a liability than an asset. When installing your gate, choose a reputable contractor with gate installation experience.

After your gate is installed, regular maintenance is crucial to its functioning and future value. Preventative maintenance is the best way to keep your gate looking and working at its best. Scheduling maintenance calls with a gate technician can catch minor issues before they become major repairs.

Estate Gates and Fence Installation Services in Edmonton

At Duraguard Fence Ltd., we can manufacture and install estate driveway gates in decorative ornamental iron and other materials. We can also install automatic gates and access control systems. We serve residential and commercial clients in Alberta including Edmonton, Red Deer, Grande Prairie, Bonnyville and Fort McMurray and Red Deer. To speak with one of our gate experts, contact us today.


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