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How to Choose the Right Chain Link Fence Colour to Match Your Property

black chain link fence

Choosing the right colour for your chain link fence is an important decision that can greatly enhance the appearance of your property. When choosing the colour for your chain link fence, you must consider your property's architectural style, surrounding environment and existing colour scheme. Here are some common colour options for chain link fencing.

  • Black chain link fence. Black chain link fences have become popular among homeowners due to their sleek, modern appearance. This colour option is highly versatile and can complement various architectural styles. A black chain link fence is particularly suitable for contemporary or industrial-style homes. It provides a strong visual contrast and creates an elegant boundary around your property.

  • White chain link fence. White chain link fences offer a classic, timeless look that can enhance the beauty of your property. They work well with traditional or colonial-style homes, as well as properties with white exteriors or light-coloured siding. A white chain link fence provides a clean, crisp esthetic and can help create a sense of openness and space.

  • Brown chain link fence. Brown chain link fences blend well with natural surroundings and earthy tones, making them an excellent choice for properties with rustic or country-style esthetics. If your home features brown siding or trim, a brown chain link fence will seamlessly blend in, creating a cohesive and harmonious appearance. It can also complement properties situated in wooded or rural areas.

  • Green chain link fence. Green chain link fences are commonly used in outdoor settings like parks, playgrounds and sports fields. They blend harmoniously with the natural environment, making them ideal for properties with extensive landscaping or lush gardens. If your property has lots of foliage, a green chain link fence will provide a natural-looking barrier.

  • Privacy slats. For more colour variety and added privacy, consider adding privacy slats to your chain link fence. These PVC slats slide easily through the chain link, turning your mesh fence into a solid perimeter. Privacy slats come in various colours, including green, black, brown, grey, red, navy blue and light blue. They're also available in a green hedge-like material that blends perfectly with your landscaping.

Chain Link Fence Installation in Edmonton

If you’re considering installing new fencing, Duraguard Fence Ltd. will help you select the perfect fence to complement your property. We offer a range of chain link fence colour options, including black, white, brown and green. We also carry privacy slats in an array of colours to suit any style. Contact us today to speak with our fencing experts.


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