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Playground Fencing Mistakes

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Playgrounds are an important feature in most communities. They provide a gathering space that allows children to play and develop social, emotional and physical skills. However, they these public spaces also be a place where accidents occur. Plus, if not properly protected, parks can be subjected to vandalism and graffiti. Fortunately, installing a high-quality fence can help keep a playground safe and secure. Here are four playground fencing mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Making the entrance inaccessible A good playground fence should be easy to access by children of all abilities. Install an enclosure with a gate that’s wide enough for a wheelchair. Make sure it closes automatically but doesn’t swing shut too quickly. Paint your gate in a different colour from the rest of the fence so that it’s easy to spot for those who have visual impairments. 2. Designing the fence poorly Kids love to climb and typically don’t stop when it comes to fences. It’s important to design a fence that deters them from trying to climb it in the first place. Opt for smooth, tall posts without lots of horizontal rails and avoid anything with sharp pickets at the top. Design your fence so that it’s at least four to five feet tall. This way, most children won’t be able to reach over it. 3. Neglecting to consider sight lines Although privacy is important, when it comes to playgrounds, clear sight lines are safer. They allow parents and caregivers to keep an eye on their children from outside the playground enclosure. Proper spacing between posts is important in order to maintain visibility. But don’t make the spaces too large or kids will try to fit through them. The Utility Right of Way (Registered Utility Easements) and Fencing Projects in Alberta Prior to building a fence for residential, commercial or industrial property, a building permit is required to meet following conditions. Speak to one of our Alberta fencing contractors, or visit the Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association for more information.

Fence Installation in Alberta

Duraguard Fence Ltd. is a professional fencing company in Alberta. We provide fencing solutions for municipalities and government, sports fields, land developers and construction sites, among others. Our experienced contractors will customize the right fence for your property. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.


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