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Reasons Your Business Needs Chain Link Security Cage Fencing

chain link security cage fencing for storage

Indoor chain link security cage fencing has many uses for commercial and industrial businesses. They help to protect sensitive or valuable materials and keep people away from potentially dangerous areas. Here are some of the common uses for a chain link security cage.

Industrial Uses for Chain Link Security Cage Fencing

Manufacturing facilities, processing plants, warehouses and distribution centres can benefit from chain link security cage fencing.

  • Protect storage and stock room items. Many companies must store valuable goods and rely on security cages to keep these materials safe. With an indoor chain link cage, you can make vital areas inaccessible to people like salespeople, technicians, truck drivers, janitors and delivery crews. You can also ensure your stock room and company’s inventory is secure against theft or vandalism.

  • Protect employees. A chain link security cage can help protect employees and keep them away from accessing potentially hazardous materials such as toxic chemicals, dangerous machinery or electrical transformers.

  • Protect sensitive data. A security cage can add a layer of security to computer network servers. Data centre companies can protect sensitive information and vital, expensive communication infrastructure. Enclosures that protect computer servers require extra ventilation because the computer network servers can generate heat; chain link allows the free flow of air.

Whether you’re installing fencing indoors or out, be sure you’re clear on best practices and regulatory responsibilities. Before moving ahead with the installation, familiarize yourself with the dos and don'ts of security fencing.

Commercial Uses for Chain Link Security Cage Fencing

There are also many commercial uses for chain link security cage fencing in places like retail stores and office buildings.

  • Protect valuable merchandise. Retail outlets can protect their most valuable items, such as jewelry, electronics or expensive tools. A chain link security cage inside your stock room can provide an additional layer of security. It can also be used to protect high value machines or heating and cooling equipment.

  • Protect sensitive materials. Office buildings can benefit from chain link security cages. A cage can protect sensitive documents and computer equipment.

  • Protect pharmaceuticals. Pharmacies are known targets for thieves. Locking controlled substances is a must for drug manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers. In most jurisdictions, prescription drugs must be locked according to government regulations.

Chain Link Security Cage Installation and Repair in Edmonton

At Duraguard Fence Ltd., we manufacture, install, repair and maintain custom chain link cages. We can design and install security chain link cages around your property and inside your facility. We serve commercial and industrial customers in Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Bonnyville and Fort McMurray. Contact us today to get a free estimate on your chain link security cage.


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