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Types of Sports Fencing and Their Common Repairs

bucket of baseballs and softballs beside sportfield diamond

A properly installed and well-maintained fence is crucial for ensuring the safety and security of your sports facility.

Indeed, sports fencing provides multiple benefits, from offering added security to improved crowd control. However, the type of fence used will depend on the purpose it needs to serve.

Types of Sports Fencing

There are several kinds of fencing products that are commonly used for sports and recreational purposes. Here are a few examples:

  • Chain link fence. Chain link is often used for sports fencing because of its durability and affordability. Chain link fences can be galvanized or vinyl coated for a more attractive finish if desired.

  • Backstops. A mesh fabric can be added between the wires of a chain-link fence to shield spectators from stray balls.

  • Privacy slats. Made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and available in a range of colours, privacy slats can be added to existing chain link fences.

  • Vinyl fencing. This type of fencing is a great option for playgrounds and swimming pools. Vinyl fences are easy to maintain and long-lasting. They’re also weather-resistant and can withstand pests, humidity and temperature fluctuations.

Common Causes of Fence Damage

While choosing durable materials and performing regular maintenance can help prevent your fence from getting damaged, even the most durable fence will occasionally need to be repaired. Some of the common causes of damage to fences include:

  • Neglect

  • Wear and tear

  • Harsh weather, storms and fallen trees

  • Vandalism and break-ins

  • Pests and water damage

No matter the cause of damage to your sports fencing, Duraguard Fence can help you make the needed repairs.

Types of Fence Damage

Here are some of the ways fences can be damaged and how we can help:

  • Broken links are relatively common and most frequently appear near the top of fences. Although it is possible to use a repair kit to fix a broken link yourself, hiring a professional will save you time and effort.

  • Holes may be the result of vandalism or wear and tear. Fortunately, a replacement section can be patched over the gap.

  • Leaning or sagging fences are often the result of a faulty installation. A fencing contractor can help you determine the cause and find an effective solution.

It’s important to regularly inspect your fence for signs of disrepair. If you notice any areas that are damaged, making repairs sooner rather than later will prevent the problem from getting worse.


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