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What Colour Options Are Available for Chain Link Fences?

tennis ball hitting green chain link fence

Many areas of Canada are experiencing a serious home renovation boom. The pandemic and strict lockdowns left more Canadians at home, and it wasn't surprising to realize your humble abode needed more work than expected.

There are many small home improvement projects that can make a world of difference, one being changing the colour of your fence. Here are some popular fence colours for chain-link fences and other insights to help you choose the best fencing colour.

Popular Chain Link Fence Colours

Here are some of the most popular chain link fence colours and if that shade is right for you:

  • White: A classic choice that pairs well with nearly any colour, ensuring a white fence will match your decor.

  • Black: Black vinyl is resistant to fading, perfect for harsh Canadian winters.

  • Brown: A subtler fence colour, it has a natural look and fits a rustic style

  • Green: Will blend better into the environment and better complements a garden.

No matter which colour you choose, it should match the exterior of your home and your decor preferences.

What Is the Best Colour for a Chain Link Fence?

This isn't a simple answer, since the colour your paint your fence depends on your preferences. While all the colours mentioned previously can be a good option in the right context, the best choice will be a colour that matches your home's exterior and landscaping.

You also shouldn't choose a colour just because it's trendy. Consider your preferences and how you want guests and neighbours to view your home.

If you're still stuck, choosing neutral colours is a safe option. White and brown are classic favourites, but some homeowners may prefer eye-catching colours like black and green.

Painted vs. Vinyl-Coated Fence

There are two ways to colour a chain link fence: painting it or buying a chain link fence with a vinyl coating. Here are the pros and cons of both.


Painted fencing is best for DIYers. Many paints and primers made for metal surfaces, so homeowners will be able to find the colour of their choice easily.

However, this option isn't always the best long term. While DIY projects are more affordable, there's always room for error. Plus, paint doesn't last as long as a vinyl coating.


If you want the most professional look, choose vinyl coating. The vinyl coating can protect the chain link material more than average paint, protecting the fence from rusting and weathering. The vinyl-coated colour will last for a long time, making it an excellent investment.

If you need more colour options, privacy slats are a great way to safeguard your home, and you can further customize your fence with different shades.

Choose the Best Fence Colours

Are you working on a major fencing renovation project? If so, choosing the best fence colours is probably on your mind.

If you want a colourful chain link fence, Duraguard Fence manufactures, supplies, and installs chain link fence solutions in Edmonton and surrounding areas. We offer white, black, brown, and green fencing colours that match all preferences and home exteriors.Call us today for an estimate.


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