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Why Chain Link Fence Is So Cost Effective

closeup of chain link fence mesh

Are you planning to install a fence for your home or property and can’t decide which material to use? Chain link is a popular option for homes and businesses thanks to its versatility, security and durability, making it a cost-effective fencing solution and alternative to wood or vinyl fencing.

Read on to learn why chain link fencing can provide you with great value.

Durability and Security

Chain link fences are made from galvanized metals. They're difficult to cut through and penetrate. They're also corrosion-resistant and won't succumb to weather damage.

However, durability also means that you save money since you won't need to replace your fence anytime soon. It should last for decades post-installation.

Chain link is also a trusted fencing solution for protecting your property. Proactively defending against the threat of theft or vandalism is essential. With the ability to add barbed wire or razor ribbon for additional security to keep unwanted visitors at bay, chain link is perfect for security purposes.

Quick Fence Installation

Installation costs can be one of the more expensive parts of adding a fence to your property. However, chain link fences are quick and easy to install, which can reduce the cost of installation.

In fact, homeowners can even complete the installation themselves with a DIY chain link fence kit. You can purchase the kit with all the materials and steps to easily assemble and install a chain link fence in your own backyard.

Low Maintenance

Maintaining a chain link fence is easy compared to other fence varieties. You don't need to individually scrub down pickets or pressure-wash a wide vinyl surface. The structure of chain link mesh means you also don't need to worry about massive repairs after snowstorms, rainfall, or high-speed winds.

This low maintenance means that you're more likely to keep your fence in good shape so it has a long lifespan. You won't need to replace it quickly. It also means that you won't need to buy special equipment that costs a fortune in order to keep it in good shape.

Variety of Options

In addition to security add-ons, chain link fencing offers several customization options to match the look of your property. From a visual perspective, you can choose from different colours of chain link such as black, white, green or brown. Or you can opt for coloured privacy slats for a combination of colour and privacy. Additional features can include adding automatic gates or sliding gates for ease of access.

Get a Quote to Install a Chain Link Fence

Now that you know why a chain link fence is a cost-effective option, it's time to begin installing one.

Chain link fencing can be even more cost-effective when you buy directly from Duraguard Fence in Edmonton. We manufacture, install, repair and supply chain link fencing for residential, commercial and industrial clients throughout Alberta. Contact us today to request a quote.


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