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Why You Need Perimeter Fencing for Your Solar or Wind Farm

solar and wind farm

Solar and wind farms play a crucial role in meeting the growing demand for renewable energy. As these facilities continue to expand in Alberta, it becomes essential to prioritize their security and protection. Here are some ways perimeter fencing benefits the operation and integrity of solar and wind farms.

  • Preventing theft and vandalism. Solar panels and wind turbines are valuable assets, making a solar or wind farm a potential target for theft and vandalism. Perimeter fencing acts as a strong deterrent, creating a physical barrier that restricts unauthorized access and reduces the risk of theft or sabotage. It sends a clear message that the facility is protected, discouraging potential intruders.

  • Protecting equipment. Solar and wind farms house expensive equipment, including inverters, control systems and transmission lines. Perimeter fencing safeguards these assets from unauthorized access and damage caused by trespassers. It ensures that only authorized personnel have access to the sensitive infrastructure, reducing the risk of accidents and disruptions.

  • Preventing wildlife intrusion. Solar and wind farms are often situated in remote areas with abundant wildlife. While wildlife is valuable to the ecosystem, their presence can pose risks to the safety and efficiency of renewable energy facilities. A perimeter chain link fence prevents animals from wandering onto the farm, minimizing the chances of damage to equipment and harm to wildlife or personnel.

Solutions for Solar and Wind Farm Perimeter Fencing

Solar and wind farms can address these concerns effectively with durable and secure perimeter fencing. A chain link fence is an excellent choice due to its affordability, strength and versatility. It provides a physical barrier that’s difficult to breach while allowing visibility and airflow. Other popular options are palisade and weldmesh fencing.

Additionally, incorporating automatic gates and access controls further enhances security by allowing controlled entry and exit.

Expertise in Solar and Wind Farm Fencing

Duraguard Fence Ltd. has a proven track record of delivering solar and wind farm fencing solutions. With a history of successful commercial and industrial projects, Duraguard Fence Ltd. possesses the expertise and resources to tackle projects other contractors can’t handle, including large-scale fencing installations on rough terrain.

Moreover, landowners and farmers appreciate working with our friendly and experienced crews who ensure projects are completed efficiently and to the highest standards.

Solar and Wind Farm Fencing in Alberta

At Duraguard Fence Ltd., our solar and wind farm fencing experience makes us a reliable partner in securing renewable energy facilities. We also provide repair and maintenance services for your chain link fence. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you protect your solar or wind farm.


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