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Why You Should Install an Automatic Gate with Access Controls

ornamental iron fence with automatic gate and access controls

When choosing a gate system for your fence, you should consider how you’ll open and close it. An automatic gate with access control has several benefits over a gate you must close and lock manually. And it’s not just convenience. Here are some of the reasons to install a gate with access controls.

What Are Gate Access Controls?

Access control describes any device that allows some people access and denies others. It can be a key fob, PIN, access card, video intercom or biometric indicator. Access control systems are designed for residential and commercial use – you can use them for a household gate or a chain link gate at an industrial property.

Benefits Of an Automatic Gate with Access Controls

An automatic gate with access control provides multiple benefits for your home or business:

  • Convenience. A gate you can open and close by remote control is more efficient than having to exit your car or leave the house whenever you need to open or close your gate. Plus, there are no more keys to organize, potentially lose and replace.

  • Increased security. Your fence is only as secure as your gate. Therefore, installing a security gate with access controls will make your property more secure, keeping out unwanted guests.

  • Monitoring. An access control system can monitor who enters and leaves the premises. This functionality is beneficial for managers of commercial businesses, as the system logs the time of entry and exit, the person’s identity and role in the company, and you can access the data at any time. It makes monitoring employee behaviour more manageable.

  • Increased property value. Potential home buyers covet residential properties with access control. Installing an automatic gate can increase the property value of your home by as much as five per cent. However, ensure you have your gate professionally installed, so it functions properly and looks its best.

  • Cost savings. A seamless, secure access system can give your business efficiency gains. Home and business insurance companies know the value of security systems. If you notify your insurance provider that you have an access control gate, you may qualify for lower premiums.

Automatic Gate Installation and Repairs in Edmonton

Duraguard Fence Ltd. manufactures, installs, repairs and maintains custom automatic gates for residential and commercial customers in the Edmonton area. We carry many automatic gate accessories, including remote controls, keyless entry pads, telephone entry systems and video monitoring devices. Contact us today in Edmonton to speak with an expert about the best gate for your needs.


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