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Why You Should Start Planning Your Spring Landscaping Projects Now

residential wood fence

Although you can’t get your hands dirty preparing your home’s yard or landscaping over the winter, you can create plans for next season. Here are a few reasons why you should start planning your spring landscaping projects now.

  1. Planning keeps you occupied in winter Canadian winters are long and cold. Therefore, many people spend a lot of time indoors. Designing a spring landscaping project can be a fun diversion on long winter evenings. Moreover, having a plan for your yard in place will give you something to be excited about once the snow melts.

  2. You can plan more carefully Waiting until the last minute to plan your landscaping project can lead to hurried decisions you may regret. Conversely, using the winter to plan your project gives you more time to consider designs and layouts for property lines. You can also spend more time shopping for the perfect patio stones, outdoor furniture or fence material that will complement your yard.

  3. You can budget better You can take the time to research the costs of materials and labour and budget for your landscape proposal. This can help you avoid sticker shock later. You may want to start putting some money aside for your project now to ease financial strain during the summer.

  4. You can book contractors Contractors like landscapers and fencing companies get very busy in the spring and summer. If you map everything out ahead of time and make decisions during the winter, you can book your contractors in advance and lock in your start date. This way, you can avoid scheduling delays, and your project won’t be at the bottom of a contractor’s long list.

  5. You can enjoy your summer Alberta summers are short. Therefore, you want to make the most of the warm weather. The last thing you want to be doing during an August weekend is dealing with contractors and construction materials in your yard when you could be relaxing or hosting a family barbeque. Lastly, planning your landscaping during the winter gives you a better chance of completing your project in the first few weeks of spring, giving you the entire summer to enjoy your beautiful yard.

Residential Fencing Installation in Alberta

At Duraguard Fence Ltd., we carry and install a wide variety of residential fence materials to suit any landscaping project, including wood, vinyl and ornamental iron. We also have DIY chain-link and vinyl fence materials and portable dog run kits. To get a free quote on your spring fence project, contact us today.


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