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Winter Care for Your Iron Fence

winter care for iron fence

Ornamental iron fences require a little TLC to make it through Canada’s harsh winters. Neglecting regular upkeep can cause your fence to rust and disintegrate, compromising the security of your perimeter. Plus, regular maintenance will keep your fence looking its best and improve the curb appeal of your home or business. Here are four tips on how to take care of your iron fence this winter.

  1. Clean your fence Cleaning your fence improves its appearance and removes debris and contaminants that can corrode the paint and make the iron vulnerable to rust. Regular cleaning is especially critical if your fence is near a busy city street. For example, residue from road de-icing salt and sand is highly corrosive and can damage iron fences. Therefore, you should remove these substances as quickly as possible. You can clean your iron fence with a microfibre cloth soaked in warm water and a mild detergent. Be sure to clean the crevices where the pickets meet the rails, as this is one of the most vulnerable areas of an iron fence.

  2. Inspect your fence The best time to inspect your iron fence is after you clean it. Walk the length of your property and look for low-hanging branches or shrubs growing close to the fence. Limbs and foliage can damage the fence’s paint and expose the raw metal to the elements. Also, remove leaves or grass caught in the pickets and rails. Moreover, look for rust spots and nicks or scratches in the paint and mark these areas with a ribbon.

  3. Remove any rust Rust is an iron fence’s worst enemy and can quickly corrode and damage the metal. Consequently, you should remove any rust as soon as you see it. Use sandpaper or steel wool to scrape away the rust, loose paint and other debris. Then, apply a coat of anti-corrosive primer and allow it to dry. Follow up with two coats of rust-resistant paint. This will act as a protective barrier between the metal and the elements.

  4. Paint your fence Iron fences require painting every two to three years. Ideally, you should paint your fence in the spring or summer because the paint needs several hours to dry. Clean the metal pickets and rails and remove loose paint chips before painting. Then, use a rust-proof primer and two coats of paint. If you need help maintaining your iron fence, the team at Duraguard Fence Ltd. in Alberta can help.

Call Duraguard for Iron Fencing In Alberta

At Duraguard Fence Ltd., we manufacture, install, repair and maintain decorative iron fences of all heights and dimensions. We carry both modern and traditional styles that can be equipped with automatic gate systems. We serve clients in and around Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Bonnyville and Fort McMurray. Contact us today or request a free quote.


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