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4 Reasons to Install Redundant Fencing

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A redundant fence is essentially a fence within a fence that can be used to line one side of a yard, section off a particular area or surround an entire property.

Here are four reasons you might want to install one on your residential, commercial or industrial property.

1. To increase the safety of your backyard

If you want to restrict access to a pool, installing a redundant fence is a good option. Chain link is an effective material to use for this type of fence, as it provides both security and visibility.

Alternatively, if you have a brick or iron ornamental fence around your entire property, you might want to install a second fence to close off the backyard from the front yard.

2. To offer privacy for employees and clients

If your commercial property has an outdoor courtyard or green space, you might want to install a fence around it. This would provide employees a secluded place to enjoy their lunch or get some fresh air. A wood fence can provide privacy and help block out noise from nearby streets. Alternatively, you can opt for a chain-link fence with privacy slats.

3. To prevent your dog from escaping

Installing a redundant fence in your backyard is a practical way to restrict your dog to a certain area so that it doesn’t destroy your gardens or otherwise get into trouble. A portable chain link dog run can also be an essential tool for dog breeders, groomers, trainers and other professionals. This allows you to maintain your property’s curb appeal, while eliminating the risk of dogs escaping.

4. To secure your facility’s equipment and materials

A redundant fence can be a worthwhile security investment for various types of commercial and industrial facilities that store high-value goods, expensive equipment and hazardous materials. This type of fence makes it easy to restrict access to these areas, especially if it’s equipped with an automatic security gate.

Similarly, if you own or manage a residential complex, you might want to consider installing an enclosure around dumpsters or generators on the property. This will help keep these items safe.

Fence Installation Services In Alberta

If you want to install a redundant fencing system on your residential, commercial or industrial property, the reliable team of fence contractors at Duraguard Fence Ltd. can help. For more information about our services, or to request a free quote, contact us today.


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