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Commercial and Industrial Chain Link Fencing in Alberta

Do you need enduring protection for your property without spending a lot of resources on upkeep? Our commercial, industrial and residential customers benefit from our chain link fencing solutions. When “The Friends of the Valley Zoo” in Edmonton required fencing for their new Siberian tiger exhibit, they turned to Duraguard Fence Ltd. for designing and constructing the specialized structure. There is simply no other product that can match Duraguard’s fencing in terms of safety, security, endurance, and cost-effectiveness. Whether you require fencing to create a private environment in a backyard or meet security requirements of a sports field, our chain link fencing won’t disappoint you.

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Various Applications

Chain link fencing is the best option for industrial and commercial applications as it offers prolonged protection without much maintenance. Duraguard Fence Ltd. has the product range to fulfill your safety requirements, from crowd control and facility fences to 6 to 14-foot tall fences with razor ribbon or barbed wire for added security. Our company manufactures chain link fences in 6 to 11 gauge, and supplies galvanized pipe in lightweight 1 3/8 O.D. through full weight 6 5/8 O.D. 


Duraguard Fence has various products that will turn your new or current chain link fence into a privacy fence. These quality products come in a variety of colours to match your home or landscape. Some even come with a 10-year warranty.

Imagine Privacy Without the Fuss of Painting

Do you need Alberta’s experienced residential fence team to help you secure your house and add to its beauty? If good fences make good neighbours, Duraguard Fence Ltd. must make for great neighbours. We offer chain link fences to define your property and protect your yard. Whether you want your fence to blend in with the environment or require your pool area to have fencing as the real highlight, we can design fences to help you achieve the look and feel you want.

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Affordable Chain Link Fencing

Think most maintenance-free products are initially expensive? That’s not the case with chain link fences!

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