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How to Build a Custom Chain Link Fence

custom chain link fence with brown privacy slats

When it comes to building a custom chain link fence, you have two primary options: embarking on a DIY project with a chain link fence kit or working with a professional fence contractor. Both options allow you to tailor your fence to your unique needs and preferences. Here are the steps you need to follow.

1. Assess your needs

Evaluate your requirements before diving into the project. Consider the height and length of the fence, taking local by-laws and height restrictions into account. Additionally, you’ll need to choose between galvanized and vinyl-coated mesh while possibly adding privacy slats or decorative post caps. Consider if you need to add a swing gate, sliding gate or double swing gate.

2. Obtain a quote 

If you decide to work with a fence manufacturer for a custom chain link fence, request a quote. This will help you understand the cost and options available for your project.

3.  Purchase a DIY kit

On the other hand, if you opt for a DIY approach, purchase a chain link fence kit that suits your needs. These kits typically include essential components like fence fabric, posts, fittings and gates. Ensure you choose a kit that matches your intended design.

4. DIY installation 

If you're tackling the project on your own, follow the instructions provided with your DIY chain link fence kit. Planning the layout, digging post holes, setting the posts securely, attaching the fence fabric and other steps are essential.

5. Professional installation

Opting for professional installation can save you time and ensure a high-quality result. Expertise and experience in custom chain link fencing will guarantee a secure and visually appealing product. Working with professionals also ensures the fence adheres to local regulations and standards.

Things to Do After Installation

Regardless of whether you choose the DIY or professional route, you can get the most out of your fence by following these post-installation tips.

  • Maintenance. Regularly inspect your chain link fence for any damage or signs of wear, and ensure the gate is always well lubricated. Call a professional fence contractor to conduct regular maintenance and repairs.

  • Landscaping. To enhance its visual appeal, consider landscaping around the fence. Planting shrubs or installing decorative elements can elevate your fence's appearance.

  • SecurityProtect your property by ensuring gates are locked securely and any access points are well maintained.

Custom Chain Link Fence Installation in Edmonton and Alberta

Duraguard Fence Ltd. is a chain link fence manufacturer, supplier and installer. We provide DIY chain link fence kit packages or will work with you to install a custom chain link fence that secures your property. Commercial clients can get a free quote for manufacturing and installation. Contact us today to speak with one of our fencing experts.


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