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5 Tips On How To Install A Fence The Neighbourly Way

friendly neighbours discussing new fencing projects in their backyard over an older short fence

Before you start a new fencing installation project, it’s essential to consider your neighbours. Here are five tips to ensure you’re considerate and that your fencing project goes off without a hitch.

1. Include your neighbours in the discussion

Giving your neighbours a heads up is more than polite. You may need to work with them to determine precisely where the property line is and jointly decide where the fence should be located. If you’re planning to install a fence along a shared property line, your neighbours will get a say in the plans — and the responsibilities!

2. Locate property boundaries

You may have a rough idea of where your property line lies, but the best way to accurately pinpoint it is to hire an Alberta Land Surveyor. The property line may not be exactly where you thought it was, especially if trees and shrubs are obscuring the view. But when it comes time to apply for a permit, accuracy will be essential.

3. Share the costs

Another important consideration is who will pay for the fence. If the fence rests entirely on your property, then you’ll foot the bill for the fencing installation and all future repairs and maintenance. But if it’ll sit directly on the property line or venture into your neighbour’s property at some point, then you’ll both be responsible for the fence and all future related costs. Whatever the situation, be sure to put your agreement in writing so you can refer back to it in the future.

4. Learn local bylaws for your city

Before embarking on any renovation project or installation, you’ll need to consult your local bylaws. These will dictate which permits you need to apply for and whether there are restrictions that could impact your project. Bylaws often contain rules on the height, design, and building materials that are permitted.

5. Hire a pro

Teaming up with an experienced fencing company like Duraguard Fence is the best way to guarantee that your fencing project is a success. Our team of fencing professionals will ensure that your fence looks great, is built to meet all local bylaws and that nothing gets missed along the way.

Professional Fence Installation Edmonton, Grande Prairie & Fort Mcmurray

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Duraguard Fence is your source for fencing supplies and services across Alberta. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your fencing project or request a free quote – your neighbours will thank you!


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