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Best Fence Finishes

If you want your home’s new fence to last, then a quality finish will protect it from the elements and keep it looking new for years to come. Additionally, finishing your fence with the right product will save you money in maintenance and repair costs down the line. Here are some ideas about the best ways to finish your fence.

Wood fence finishes

Wood fences are prone to rotting when exposed to moisture and extreme temperature fluctuations. Non-pressure-treated wood such as spruce and pine are most at risk, and it’s best to build your fence from pressure-treated wood.

There are three common products used to protect wood:

1. Stain Finishing a wood fence with a high-quality stain helps preserve the material. Wood absorbs the stain, so apply multiple coats to maximize its protective qualities.

Spruce and pine will take on the colour of the stain, while staining cedar will bring out its grain. Wood stain keeps water out, and termites don’t like the smell.

When choosing a stain, make sure it has UV protection, as the sun’s rays are as harmful to wood as moisture.

2. Paint Paint is also a beneficial product for wood fences. Similar to stain, paint protects wood from termites, the sun and water. Painted surfaces are also easy to clean.

When applying, make sure to use a primer as a base. Also, choose a high-quality, outdoor latex paint with UV protection, as a high-quality paint will last longer than the cheap stuff.

3. Sealant Water from rain, snowmelt or your sprinklers can rot your wood fence. Applying sealant is an effective method of repelling water before it gets a chance to penetrate the wood fibres. Woods such as cedar and cypress already contain some sealant, while pine and spruce don’t.

Ornamental-iron fences

Ornamental iron fences can last hundreds of years, but they’re prone to rust and need protection. Using paint to finish an iron fence is the best way to prevent corrosion and keep your ornamental fence looking as good as new.

Before painting, be sure to use a rust-proof primer. After painting, regularly look for nicks or scratches and cover them up as quickly as you can.

Galvanized steel, aluminium, and vinyl fences

Fences that are made from galvanized chain-link, aluminium or vinyl don’t require a finish. These materials can’t rust and don’t degrade in harsh climates. All you need to do is keep them clean.

Fence Installation and Maintenance in Alberta

The fence technicians at Duraguard Fence Ltd. have been installing, maintaining and repairing residential and commercial fences for property owners in the Edmonton area since 1987. In addition to fencing, we provide quality automatic gate systems and portable dog runs. Contact us today to get a free, no-obligation quote.


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