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Fence DIY Disasters And How To Avoid Them

wood fence diy disasters

Installing a fence yourself can save you money and give you the satisfaction of a job well done. However, DIY residential fence installation also comes with risks, as inexperience and lack of knowledge can lead to costly and dangerous disasters. Here are some common DIY fence installation mistakes and how you can avoid them.

Not Installing a Gate or Placing One in the Wrong Place

It may be hard to believe, but some homeowners have built a fence only to realize they never installed a gate. Or, if they remembered to install one, they put it in the wrong place.

Installing a gate in an existing fence — or moving one to a new location — is expensive and time-consuming.

Installing a Gate That’s Too Small

Not correctly sizing your gate can also be disastrous. People need to fit through it, but so do lawnmowers, wheelbarrows and other large items. Think ahead when sizing your gate to avoid a costly renovation in the future.

Damaging Underground Utility Lines

Utility companies urge the public to call before digging on their properties, yet countless residents fail to do so. The result may be damaged water and sewer pipes, severed internet lines or a dangerous interaction with an underground power cable. This might result in your neighbourhood losing access to water, Wi-Fi or electricity as well as being slapped with a hefty fine.

Building the Wrong Kind of Fence

Most municipalities have strict regulations regarding fences. The rules might pertain to the materials you’re allowed to use, how high your fence can be or how close it can be to a street or sidewalk. Failing to familiarize yourself with local by-laws could mean you’ll need to tear down your structure and pay a fine.

Building a Fence on Your Neighbour’s Property

You may think you know where your property line is, but without consulting a legal property survey it’s possible that you’ll inadvertently build your fence in your neighbour’s yard. Depending on your relationship with the folks next door, you may need to tear the offending perimeter down at your expense. In addition, it’s best to communicate with your neighbours before building your fence.

Failing to Anchor Your Fence Posts Correctly

Fence posts need to be anchored to a certain depth so that your fence remains sturdy for years to come. They also need to be set in concrete. If you fail to dig your fence posts deep enough or use concrete correctly, you’ll end up with a fence that’ll topple over during the first storm of the season.

Fence Installation in Edmonton and the Surrounding Areas

Duraguard Fence Ltd. is your one-stop-shop for all your DIY fencing needs. We carry a wide selection of fencing products and supplies including chain link fencing kits, vinyl fence packages and chain link dog runs. You can now place material orders for curbside pickup. We can also install your fence for you to avoid costly disasters. Contact us today to get a free estimate.


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