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How Close to My Property Line Can I Build a Fence in Edmonton?

chain link and vinyl fence for backyard

Are you considering building a new fence around your Edmonton property? The planning and design choices you make beforehand can help you avoid costly problems later. Here are three critical factors to consider when installing a new fence.

1. Location

Before starting your fence project, you should talk to your neighbours and let them know about your plans. After all, they’ll have to look at the fence too. Then, hire an Alberta Land Surveyor (ALS) to determine your property lines. They can ensure you avoid any encroachment issues down the line.

For instance, you’ll have sole ownership over the fence if it’s located entirely within your property lines. Conversely, suppose your fence touches your neighbour’s property line. In that case, you may discuss sharing ownership of the fence and splitting the costs of construction and upkeep.

You should also call Utility Safe Partners and have underground facilities marked so you don’t hit a gas or electrical line while digging your post holes.

2. Height

The City of Edmonton Zoning Bylaw states that you don’t need a building permit to erect a residential fence with a maximum height of 1.2 metres in your front or flanking side yard and 1.85 metres high in your backyard.

If you plan to build a fence higher than the maximum height allowed, you must apply for a permit and follow all required fence property line regulations, including filling out a Residential Development & Building Application. If your application is approved, any neighbours within 60 metres of your property will be notified. They’ll then be given four weeks to appeal the decision if they wish to do so.

3. Material

Fences can serve various purposes, including marking boundaries, blocking noise and screening for privacy. Knowing why you intend to build the fence will help you choose the correct material. For example, wood fences are great at noise control. In contrast, metal fences are affordable and ideal for marking your property line.

Keep in mind that in Edmonton, fences can be built out of wood, brick, stone, glass, concrete or metal. Vegetation such as shrubs or trees is also allowed. However, electric fencing and barbed wire cannot be used.

At Duraguard Fence Ltd., we carry a wide selection of vinyl, chain link, ornamental iron and wood fencing products. We also provide DIY packages for chain link and vinyl fencing for customers.

Fence Installation and Consultations in Edmonton

If you’re considering installing a fence on your residential property, turn to the experts at Duraguard Fence Ltd. We offer a wide assortment of fencing types and materials to meet your needs in terms of budget, style and function. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, contact us today.


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