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How to Increase the Security of a Chain Link Fence

commercial chain link security fence for power plant

Are you considering a new chain link fence installation on your industrial, commercial or residential property? If so, here are a few common security adaptations you may want to consider.

Chain Link Gauge

The term gauge refers to the thickness of the wire in the chain link fabric. You can increase your fence security by choosing a lower gauge chain link fabric. The lower the gauge, the thicker and stronger the wire. In industrial settings where high security is necessary, the chain link gauge should be 9 or 6. For light residential fencing, 11 gauge may suffice.

Fence Height

A high chain link fence is an anti-climb solution that can deter intruders from entering your property. If you want to keep children and pets contained or simply delineate your property, you don’t need a very tall fence. However, a fence that’s approximately two metres high will effectively keep out unwanted visitors.

Privacy Slats

To keep prying eyes at bay, you may want to consider installing privacy slats on your chain link fence. Made of easy-care PVC, they come in a wide selection of colours. You can even get hedge link slats that make your fence look like natural greenery.

Automated Gates

An automated gate system is an effective way to control access to your driveway or monitor those coming and going from your business property. Accessories like remote control and keypad entry solutions add convenience for authorized users. You can choose from a slide or swing operator or a barrier arm system, depending on how much space you have available.

Deterrence Wire

Barbed wire and razor ribbon wire both serve as deterrents. Barbed wire is inexpensive and easy to install and maintain. Razor wire provides many years of security for enhanced deterrence of malignant intruders and requires little maintenance.

Remember that your local authorities likely have regulations governing fencing size, placement and materials. For example, in Edmonton, you must obtain a building permit to build a fence higher than 1.2 metres in the front and 1.85 metres at the rear. Additionally, only commercial and industrial properties in Edmonton are permitted to use barbed wire.

Chain Link Fence Installation in Alberta

When you’re ready to enhance your fencing security, the in-house sales and service team at Duraguard Fence Ltd. is on hand to help. We’ll walk you through our extensive inventory of chain link fencing materials and accessories and refer you to our expert technicians for installation and repairs. Contact us today to request a free quote for chain link fencing in Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Fort McMurray and Bonnyville.


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