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Step-by-Step Guide to Replace a Damaged Vinyl Fence Panel

Damage is often unavoidable in life. Vinyl fences are tough and can last a long time, but even they can sustain damage sometimes.


You fancy yourself a bit of a handyman, so you want to try and repair the damage yourself. Here’s how to do a vinyl fence replacement yourself!


Step 1 – Find the Damaged Panel(s)

First thing you need to do is inspect the vinyl fence to determine the extent of damage. If it is possible to replace just one element of the panel, then you should go that route as it is much easier and less expensive. Otherwise, you will need to check how the panel is connected to the fence post.


Step 2 – Determine the Type of Fitting

There are two common methods of fitting vinyl fence panels into the fence itself.


The first way is very similar to the way wooden panels fit into a fence, using traditional brackets. For this, all you need to do is take off the fixing screws to remove and replace the panel. Just make sure you don’t lose the screws!


The other method is to use clips that open when the panel is initially inserted so that it cannot be pulled out again. These clips open against the ends of the socket where the panel is inserted. These clips are designed in such a way to not allow the release of the panel. To open these clips, you’ll need two insert two pieces of flat metal into the slots the panel occupies. This will slide up the location of the clips and allow you to pull the panel free. One you’ve done that with one, you’ll need to hold it open so it doesn’t latch closed again and then repeat it on the second joint.


Step 3 – Release the Other Side

Using the same methods outlined above, you’ll need to release the other side of the panel. Hopefully it’s the easier method, but if not, you might want to ask someone else to give you a hand.


Step 4 – Fit the New Panel(s)

Putting the new panel into place is simply the reverse of removing the broken panel.


For the first method, you need to fit the panel into the brackets that are set in each post and then secure it with the screws or other fastener. Hopefully you didn’t lose them.


For the second method, fitting the panel in is MUCH easier than removing it. All you need to do is fit the panel into the sockets and press them in until you hear the clips snap open.


Step 5 – Inspect the New Panel(s)

Do one final inspection of the newly installed panels to make sure everything is hanging correctly and is firmly fixed in place.


We Have Everything You Need for Vinyl Fence Replacement

When your vinyl fence has suffered damage and you’re looking for the materials you need to replace the panels, you can come to Duraguard Fence Ltd. We carry all the vinyl fence supplies and DIY packages you need, manufactured to the highest standards of quality. Contact us today for a trusted fence manufacturer, supplier and installer serving Edmonton, Alberta and surrounding areas.



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