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How To Help Your Wood Fence Stand Up Against The Winter Elements

wood fence winter

Wood fencing makes an excellent addition to almost any property and is especially popular in residential areas due to its beauty, versatility and durability.

Keeping the wood in top condition and looking it’s best requires a bit of care. Here a few maintenance tasks you shouldn’t skip if you want your wood fencing to endure in winter and beyond.

Best Types Of Wood

Whether you’re considering replacing an existing wood fence or installing a new one, it’s essential to consider how well suited your wood of choice is to the area. In Alberta, cedar and spruce are popular options since they both hold up well in winter. You’ll want to opt for pressure treated timber to maximize the durability of your fence. No matter which type of wood you choose, you’ll need to regularly stain or paint it.

Preparing for Winter

Giving your fence some TLC before the snow starts to pile up can go a long way toward extending its lifespan.

Check the entire structure for signs of damaged boards and replace them promptly to ensure the whole fence remains strong and stable. Bulky snow drifts, ice and strong winds can easily wreak havoc on an already weakened fence.

Additionally, clear away all leaves and debris that settle in between the slats or around the fence posts to prevent this material from decaying over winter and trapping moisture that can weaken the wood.

Throughout the Cold and Wet Season

In the winter and spring, cold and wet conditions make it next to impossible for wood to remain dry. Over time, this prolonged exposure to moisture can weaken and rot the wood if left unchecked. Give your wood fence a helping hand by treating it with waterproof stain or sealant. You should also clear away all debris and shovel aside snow banks that might block airflow to the fence throughout the winter.

Preventing Wood Rot

The best way to protect your fence from rotting is to apply a coat of protective stain every few years, keep the base of the fence free of debris and promptly clean away any visible insect infestation or fungus.

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