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How to Improve Security on Your Construction Site

team of construction workers touring a site for security improvements

All construction sites need to be kept safe and secure. Here are some important steps you should take to protect your clients, employees and property.

Whether it’s a large commercial project or a small residential job, there are important steps you should take to ensure people don’t get hurt and that your property doesn’t get damaged or stolen.

Why invest in security features?

Theft of construction tools and machinery is a big problem. Construction companies lose an estimated $300 million to $1 billion a year due to theft. Unfortunately, construction sites are easy targets as they’re often unmanned during off-work hours. Plus, stolen tools and equipment are hard to track.

What are some ways of increasing security?

Security features on your construction site will increase your control over who has access to your site and reduce your liability in case of an injury. Here are some tips for increasing security at your construction site.

  • Install fencing. A portable construction fence rental can be used to keep trespassers out. Creating a barrier between your site and the public is cost-effective and ensures a secure work area. Work with experienced fence contractors to create your ideal enclosure.

  • Increase the amount of lighting. Keep your construction site well lit. Thieves are less likely to work in an area where they can be seen.

  • Set up security cameras. Install a CCTV system and do what you can to place the cameras in visible yet inaccessible locations. You should also place signs along the perimeter of your fencing alerting potential intruders that they’ll be on camera.

  • Hire a security guard. For larger construction sites, a trained professional security guard can be an excellent safeguard against intruders.

What type of fencing works best for construction sites?

Portable chain link fencing can be installed quickly and easily. Made of galvanized steel, the material is built to last with little to no maintenance. Duraguard Fence Ltd. manufactures its own chain-link fencing with two in-house weaving machines. This guarantees the quality and affordability of our products.

In addition, we offer privacy slats that can easily fit into your chain-link fencing and provide you with further security for your worksite by preventing people on the outside from looking in. They are made of super durable polyethylene plastic and can keep dust and debris from getting blown around by the wind.

Lastly, make sure your fence is at least eight feet high to deter intruders and consider putting in an automatic gate system for added control over who has access and when.


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