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What Do I Need to DIY Build an Ornamental Iron Fence?

black ornamental iron fence in yard

Ornamental iron fences exude elegance and timeless charm, enhancing any property with both aesthetic appeal and security benefits. For DIY enthusiasts eager to embark on this project, understanding the essential components of an ornamental iron fence is key.

At Duraguard Fence Ltd., Edmonton's leading manufacturer, supplier, and installer of ornamental fences, we specialize in making the complex simple. Join us as we break down the components you'll need to turn your vision of a stunning iron fence into reality.


The Foundation: Posts and Base Plates

The groundwork for a sturdy ornamental iron fence starts with the posts.  These are the vertical supports that bear the weight of the entire structure.  Duraguard offers high-quality galvanized steel posts in various lengths and thicknesses to accommodate your fence design.  Remember, choosing the right post size ensures a secure and long-lasting fence.


Connecting the Dots: Ornamental Iron Rail Panels

The ornamental iron rail panels are the heart of your fence, forming the horizontal sections between the posts. At Duraguard, these prefabricated panels come in a wide array of styles, featuring intricate scrollwork, geometric patterns, or simple yet elegant designs. We offer various heights and widths to suit your project and desired level of privacy perfectly.


Gateways to Grandeur: Ornamental Iron Gates

No ornamental iron fence is complete without a matching gate. Duraguard provides a stunning selection of ornamental iron gates that seamlessly integrate with your chosen rail panels. We can accommodate any entry point, from single to double swinging gates. Don't forget the crucial gate hardware, such as hinges, latches, and handles, for a smooth and secure operation.


The Finishing Touches

While the larger components take center stage, the success of your ornamental iron fence hinges on the smaller details.  Duraguard carries a comprehensive selection of hardware and fasteners specifically designed for ornamental iron fencing.  This includes post caps to add a decorative touch and protect the tops of your posts, brackets for securely attaching the rail panels to the posts, and high-quality screws or rivets to ensure a robust connection.


Quality, Choice, and Expertise

At Duraguard Fence Ltd., we offer a one-stop shop for all your ornamental iron fence needs – from high-quality galvanized steel posts and a vast selection of ornamental iron rail panels and gates to the essential hardware and fasteners.

Our experienced staff can answer your questions, guide you through material selection based on your specific project requirements, and even offer fence design and installation advice.  Additionally, Duraguard provides pre-drilled panels for some styles, saving you time and ensuring a perfect fit. Whether you choose to DIY your fence or prefer the expertise of our professional installation team, we're dedicated to making your ornamental iron fence vision a reality.

Contact us today to discuss your ornamental iron fence project in Edmonton and Alberta and get started on creating a lasting impression on your property!



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