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Five Steps to DIY Installing a Wood Fence

man installing a DIY wood fence

If the time has come to replace or install a wood fence on your property, you can do it yourself with proper planning and a few instructions. Here is a short series of steps to follow in order to DIY your wood fence.    


Step 1: Prepare for Your DIY Wood Fence Installation

  • Check local building codes, guidelines, and regulations regarding placement, height, and style.

  • Obtain a building permit if required.

  • Ensure you know where your property line is located.

  • Discuss your wood fence building plans with your neighbours to avoid any disputes once the project is underway.

  • Have someone check and mark all the buried utility lines on your property. In North America, this can be done by visiting


Step 2: Plan Your DIY Wood Fence

  • Plan the fence layout and design:

    • Aim to have full pickets at the corners and gates that use full pickets.

    • Decide on gate post locations and fence height. If you have trouble visualizing your future wood fence, you can use stakes, tape, and/or spray paint to indicate the placement of your fence and gates directly on your property. This is also step 4.

  • Draw out your DIY wood fence plans on paper.

  • Measure the perimeter to calculate the total linear footage.

  • Find at least one other person to help you with the installation of your wood fence.


Step 3: Purchase Materials for Your DIY Wood Fence Installation

  • Visit a local fence manufacturer and supplier like Duraguard who can provide you with direction and guidance in your choice of wood and other materials, and supply and deliver them to you.


Step 4: Layout Your Wood Fence

  • Use batter boards and string to lay out the perimeter of the fence.

  • Spray paint the placement of gates and fence posts on the ground.

Step 5: Build & Install Your Wood Fence

  • Dig holes for the posts; add gravel and concrete to brace the posts.

  • Mark out the placement of the fence rails using a level line string then attach the rails to the posts.

  • Use a plumb line to place your first picket then use a spacer block to set the next picket. Continue in this fashion until all the pickets and the gates have been placed. Be sure to check spacing and plumb every few pickets.

  • Attach post caps and any other finishing touches.

  • If you have not used pressure-treated wood for your wood fence installation, wait until your wood fence has completely dried before staining or finishing your wood.


Enjoy Your Fence

Once you have completed your DIY wood fence, your yard will be your own private enclosure to enjoy without worry of trespassers or errant children or pets.   


Wood Fence Supplies in Edmonton and Throughout Alberta

At Duraguard Fence Ltd., we offer complete wood fence solutions from manufacturing to supply and installation. Contact us across Alberta to get everything you need for your DIY wood fence, including hardware, pressure treated wood fences and gates, cedar wood fences, posts and lumber for your DIY wood fence installation.



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