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Spring Cleaning: The Best Way to Clean a Vinyl Fence

close up of a hose nozzle spraying water to clean a vinyl fence in edmonton

Though they’re easy to maintain, vinyl fences still need to be regularly cleaned. Some colours show dirt more than others, but all fences should be habitually washed. Otherwise, grime can build up and become difficult to remove.

Here’s how to clean your vinyl fence.

Get the right equipment

First, you need to make sure you have everything you need. Start with a cleaning solution, which you can either make by mixing 1/3 of a cup of powdered laundry soap or liquid dish soap and 2/3 of a cup of trisodium phosphate cleaner. Mix this with a gallon of water. You can also use a store-bought cleaner. Whatever you do, avoid using bleach as it’s likely to damage your fence and yard.

You’ll also need a stiff brush and a hose, ideally one with adjustable settings.

Spray the fence with water

Start by dousing the fence with plenty of water. This preliminary rinse will allow you to remove some of the debris stuck to the slats. You may want to only target one section at a time to avoid inviting more debris to stick to parts you aren’t working on yet.

Safely Scrub

Using a hard-bristle brush, scrub off any grime, stains and stubborn leaves. Make sure not to use a wire brush. Synthetic bristles such as nylon are a good bet as you’re unlikely to damage your fence by using them. You should also let your brush soak in the cleaning solution so that it absorbs enough of it to effectively clean your fence.

Rinse it down

After scrubbing, you’ll need to rinse off any soap and residue that remains. If you have a hose with adjustable settings, you may want to use a stronger spray to loosen stubborn grime that may still be stuck to the slats.


Chances are one pass isn’t going to be enough, so you’ll have to repeat the process a few times, especially if you haven’t washed the fence in a long time. Make sure to rinse your vinyl fence thoroughly between each scrubbing. Otherwise, you might create a film of soap and dirt that’ll be difficult to scrub off later.

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