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What Are The Various Types Of Automatic Gate Systems?

Wood and Steel Automatic Gate Systems

An automatic gate allows you to monitor who enters your business or property with the press of a button while keeping intruders at bay. If you’re thinking about installing one, here’s a breakdown of the different types of automatic gates that are available.

Sliding Gates

A sliding gate glides across the driveway entrance and stows compactly along the fence. This is a practical option if you have space constraints. For example, a sliding gate is needed if your driveway slopes up from the road and would present an obstacle to a swing gate. It’s also the best option if you have limited driveway space and a swing gate would encroach upon an area where you want to park a car. There are several types of sliding gates:

  • Single & Bi-parting slide gate. This type of gate system is made up of two sliding gates that open along either side of the driveway opening. Two gate operators are required for this gate type.

  • Cantilever gate systems. This is a trackless gate system in which the gate slides along elevated rollers and opens without any components touching the ground. This is an ideal choice if the ground is too uneven for a track. It’s also the most low-maintenance option; as there’s no track, you don’t need to worry about leaves, debris, snow and ice buildup.

Swing Gates

A swing gate usually opens out into the driveway. This type of fence is required when there isn’t enough room along the fence to accommodate a sliding gate. In addition, many homeowners choose a swing gate for its esthetic quality, as it has an elegant, classic flair. There are two types of swing gates:

  • Single swing gate. This is an individual gate mounted on a post. A single swing gate is ideal for smaller openings. Unlike a double swing gate, it requires only one automatic gate opener.

  • Double swing gate. This type of gate system is made up of two gates that open in the middle. A double swing gate has more of an estate look than a single swing gate. It’s the best choice for wide driveway openings.

Custom Automatic Gates in Alberta

Are you looking for an elegant, secure automatic gate in Alberta? Duraguard Fence installs quality custom gates in Edmonton, Fort McMurray and Grande Prairie. We also provide everything you need for wireless entry and wifi-controlled gate access controls. Contact us for more information or to get a free quote.


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