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Winter And Fall Fence Installation

winter fence installation

Spring and summer are the most popular times to install a new fence. However, building a fence in fall and early winter has some advantages. If you want to build a new residential or commercial fence, here are five reasons to do it later in the year rather than earlier.

  1. You’ll save money Fencing contractors are busiest in the spring and summer. Therefore, to attract new clients and keep their workers busy in the off-season some companies offer significant discounts. Therefore, it could pay to shop around.

  2. You’ll save time Building a fence in the off-season means your project won’t be at the bottom of the fence company’s long-waiting list. Fewer projects for the crew mean your installation is more likely to start and finish on time.

  3. You can enjoy your yard for longer If you install your fence in the summer, you must contend with contractors, loud noises and a cluttered yard during a time when you’d rather be lounging in a hammock. Installing your residential fence in fall or early winter means that come spring, your fence will be complete, and you can enjoy your property all summer long.

  4. It’s easier on your shrubs and plants In the fall, your plants, shrubs and grass go dormant. In addition, your flowerbeds and garden are cleaned up for the year. Having fewer obstacles makes it easier for the fence builders to move around and access your property. There’s also little chance your fence installation crew will damage your greenery or kill your grass.

  5. It’s better for your fence materials Cooler weather is best if you’re installing a wood fence. Low temperatures and dry conditions allow the lumber to cure more quickly. Consequently, installing a fence with well-cured planks and posts will ensure it can withstand bad weather. However, installing a fence in late or early winter has its limitations. If the ground freezes, it can be difficult to dig the holes for the fence posts. In addition, snowfall or heavy rain can delay or postpone your fence installation until spring.

Fence Installation in Edmonton and Northern Alberta

At Duraguard Fence Ltd., we can answer any of your fencing questions. We’ve been installing, repairing and maintaining commercial and residential fences in Alberta since 1987. Contact us today for more information. We have locations in Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Fort McMurray and Bonnyville.


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