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5 Reasons Security Fencing Is A Must for Industrial Properties

industrial chain link security fence with barbed wire for extra protection around an industrial facility outside of Edmonton

Security fencing is an essential requirement for commercial and industrial properties. Here are five reasons you should protect your premises with a high-quality security fence from Duraguard.

1.) Lower the risk of theft

Security fences help protect your property from intruders. In fact, they help prevent would-be thieves from breaking into your facility and stealing vehicles or equipment left in the open. However, just the fact that you have a good fence will in many cases deter thieves from targeting your facility. For even greater protection, chain link security fencing can be built as high as 14 feet tall and equipped with barbed wire or razor ribbon.

2.) Prevent vandalism

Graffiti clean-up can cost businesses thousands of dollars, and unfenced facilities are a prime target for vandals. A high, well-installed fence is an effective barrier against vandalism.

3.) Keep staff and visitors safe

No matter what type of facility you have, it’s important that the people who use and visit it are always secure. Indeed, one of your primary responsibilities is to keep your employees and clients safe. Fortunately, fencing helps keep out intruders night and day. It also prevents wildlife from wandering onto your premises.

4.) Control who has access

Installing a fence means you’ll have the ability to control and monitor who comes and goes, as everyone will need to pass through a gate. For added security and convenience, you can get an automated gate with access control features such as an intercom or card entry. In addition, security cameras can be set up at the gate.

5.) Enhance your security without overspending

Fences are both an effective and affordable form of security, especially if you opt for chain link fencing. Chain link has the lowest up-front cost of all fencing types. Moreover, it lasts a very long time and requires minimal maintenance and repair. A heavy-gauge, galvanized chain link fence will be able to withstand the harshest weather conditions and is resistant to rust.

We Provide Robust Security Fencing Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Properties Across Alberta

If you need a strong chain link security fence for your facility in or around Edmonton, Grande Prairie or Fort McMurray, trust the experienced team at Duraguard Fence for a quality fence customized to meet your security needs. All of our installation foremen have multiple certifications and experience installing fencing on oil sands as well. Contact us today at 780-447-5465 for more information about our products and services or to request a quote!


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